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Regarding Profile Applications

At one time, when this site was begun, I provided a profile application for small missions and ministries that would like to have their work described in some detail here, so that visitors could consider supporting them. That has become too complicated and time-consuming to do any more. At least at that depth.

Now, sometimes with help from others, I am willing to prepare a single page that summarizes a worthy ministry. However, I do that with some hesitation, as I want to be sure I can safely recommend such an organization, and not discover afterwards that I have duped some people unwittingly.

Over the years I have become friends with, and corresponded with a number of missionaries, and as I have time, I would like to showcase them on this site. Of course, there is always the matter to consider - is such publicity a hindrance to their ministry? The internet makes it possible for the enemies of God's faithful servants to see who they are and what they do, and where they are. This can put some of them in great danger.

Rather, I suggest that if you really are looking for a ministry to give funds to, that you use the information spread all over this site to learn to find and discern well which people and organizations are worthy, and to give to them. If you see some profiled on this site, that appeal to your desire to give, by all means DO! And if you wish to give anonymously, I'm willing to be the conduit, although that can put me at some risk too, if anything should go wrong.

Ultimately, my goal on is to teach others to learn to give, and give gladly, and to give wisely, even as I have begged God to teach me these things, and I share my lessons willingly!

If you really want your ministry profiled here, and feel confident that it will not cause you problems with hackers and scammers finding you, then you can use the contact form to ask me about it. We can discuss it until we are both clear that it is a wise thing to do.

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