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Verity Films

(Our Global Nomad interviewed Caroline of Verity Films in India to learn more about this worthy cause).

Q: There are many wonderful charity projects around the world. What are the distinctives of Verity Films?

TB and Aids awareness film for
Bondas a backward tribe

Caroline: In the entire world, India produces the maximum number of films, which shows that Indians are story lovers. According to Bob Creson, President, Wycliffe Bible Translators, "The majority of the remaining unreached peoples of the earth cannot read or write, so the Word of God will be most effectively communicated to them through oral means and storytelling."

So VFC tells stories by producing films, to share the Gospel, to bring health and hygiene awareness and to bring social upliftment to the remotest tribes and various people groups of India. There are around 425 languages in India. Our mission is to "Let every Indian hear the gospel in his own tongue with relevance to his own culture." We are also working in our neighbouring countries.

Q: In what parts of the world does Verity Films work?

project for Tamils in Singapore

Caroline: We work mainly in India. But we have also produced DVDs for Sri Lanka and the Tamils in Singapore. We are now working on a DVD for the people of Bhutan.

Q: How did Verity Films come into being?

In 1985, in the Southern-most state in India, the Lord touched a small group of Christians in a small town called Tirunelveli, with a burden to use mass media for His glory. With nothing but faith to invest, they started praying for God's guidance and supply. Soon, God enabled them to try their hands in producing short video films, though they did not have any equipment of their own (not even a 'black and white' TV set). But God used such simple productions to touch the perishing souls.

Humble was the birth of VFC but mighty was its vision. We are now a small but decent production house - praying, planning and working hard to Impact India through Visual Media.

Q: Would you give some examples of feedback and response to some of your projects?

* I have screened your video Karaigal (The Stain) in about fifty villages. It is a wonderful gospel tool.
Richard, an Evangelist.
[Karaigal was one of our first videos]

* * * *

* Every "Jolly Time" episode is a blessing for me because I get to know more about Jesus Christ. The songs are simply superb! The dramas make us laugh and also think. The messages teach us how to live. So "Jolly Time" is both fun time & useful time.
- Jenita, a 9th standard student.

* * * *

* I was very mischievous and my parents, not being able to manage me, put me in the school hostel. Once when I came home for a holiday, I watched your TV Programme. It helped me to take a decision to give my life to Christ and lead a good life. My life was transformed ever since and now my parents want me back at home.
- A school boy.

[We produced 256 episodes for a Gospel TV Programme called "Jolly Time" for children. This was telecast in a popular secular channel in India. It was ranked as one among its top 10 programmes]

* * * *
filming a missionary biography

* Amibya Haji is the first and only Video CD in the Kuvi language of Orissa. There had been no television programme or secular DVD whatsoever till Verity Films produced Ambiya Haji. So our Kuvi people are fond of or even proud of this CD. The CD has touched the hearts of many. Indigenous Missionaries buy bulk numbers and use them very well. This CD, is for sure, a tool to bring the six hundred thousand Kuvis out of the darkness.
- Sheela and Joseph Peter, missionaries in Orissa.

[The Kuvi people are spread over 2500 villages in the State of Orissa in India.]

Q: Are there current plans for expansion?

teaching media seminar in Sri Lanka

Caroline: Yes, there are umpteen opportunities and need for videos all over India and the neighbouring countries. The doors are wide open for the Gospel and awareness DVDs at present. If we should 'make the most of time' we need to expand. We need to establish our own audio and video studios and have more people to work with us full-time.

Q: What is the biggest challenge for Verity Films?

Caroline: Getting the right people is the biggest challenge.

Q: How can folk get involved?

using cultural dances to teach truth

* People can volunteer to work with us in a particular project or for a short period. We need Editors, Camera men and Script writers.

* People can send us equipment and software both used and new ones.

* Organizations /individuals with similar vision can network with us.

* Everyone can pray for us and extend financial support.

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